Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Diagnostic breast imaging includes mammography, breast ultrasound and sometimes breast MRI. When a woman has symptoms that concern her about her breast, a complete history and clinical examination is performed.  Based on the information gained a mammogram or ultrasound may be done. Sometimes both are required.  

These tests help us to ascertain the diagnosis and decide on appropriate management. Many require only reassurance that the symptom does not indicate cancer.

If indeed, something is found on examination and imaging, then additional information about location, local extent, rest of the breasts, and presence of significant axillary lymph nodes are documented for further treatment planning.

A good breast imaging is crucial to decide further course of action and treatment planning and these tests are better done by specialists in this domain.

At Chennai Breast Centre, the assessment and the tests are done in one visit by experts in this area. A one stop consultation and diagnostic assessment saves time, money and reassures the anxious women confidently.

Authored by Dr. Selvi Radhakrishna

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