Oncoplastic surgery and Breast reconstruction

Oncoplastic procedures are sometimes done to improve the cosmetic outcomes of breast preserving operations. The breast volume that is lost after a lumpectomy can be replaced by muscle tissues from the back to maintain the shape of the breast. Sometimes the breast after a lumpectomy can be reshaped with the remaining breast tissue to give better cosmetic outcomes. This may involve reducing the breast size in very large breasts or a breast lift in sagging breasts. These procedures not only remove the cancer but reshape the breast to look better. The opposite breast may also require a breast lift or a breast reduction to keep both the breasts symmetrical.

Sometimes tissue from the back or the sides may be moved to the breast to achieve better cosmetic results. In general oncoplastic procedures may take additional surgical time and may need longer time to recover from surgery. The location of the tumour, size of the tumour, breast size and droop influences the choice of the procedure.

Authored by Dr. Selvi Radhakrishna

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