Why Chennai Breast Centre?

Chennai Breast Centre is a state of the art comprehensive one stop Breast Centre at Chennai. It has evolved as one of the key opinion leaders for breast cancer in the country. Chennai breast Centre is a member of the National Cancer Grid, which is a network of major cancer centres across the country. Chennai Breast Centre is also a member of the Breast Cancer network, European School of Oncology.

chennai breast centre

Awareness about breast cancer is increasing in India. For every breast cancer diagnosed there are ten others with a fear of breast cancer who need to be reassured that they do not have cancer. There is a great need for a specialist breast centre with expertise in diagnosis, treatment and aftercare for breast cancer.

With leading-edge medical technology and with the help of the expertise of our multi-talented staff, our approach to caring for patients is professional, sensitive and compassionate. A high percentage of patients recommend CBC to their family and friends. There is not just one but many reasons why you should choose CBC:

  • Chennai Breast Centre is a one stop diagnostic centre for breast problems. The consultation, digital mammogram, breast ultrasound and diagnostic biopsies under local anesthesia are all done in one visit and in one place.
  • CBC houses first 3D High Definition TOMO Mammogram in India.
  • The patients in our facility are examined by women doctors. This enhances their level of comfort and confidence.
  • Our appointments and testing processes are seamlessly integrated and involve very less waiting periods.
  • The ambience is homely, people-friendly and convenient even as we place patient dignity and respect foremost in everything that we do.
  • Surgical procedures such as sentinel lymph node biopsy, Oncoplastic surgery have been incorporated with excellent results in our practice since 2007.
  • Multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer with access to the most committed team of pathologists, medical and radiation oncologists. 
  • CBC has consistently recorded high patient satisfaction rates. We have always been appraised well of our technical skills, our expertise, and staff friendliness. 
  • Technologically, CBC uses the latest state-of-the-art equipment and applies some of the most effective treatment programs. We use innovations optimally to ensure the best possible results. All our medical staff are well-trained in the usage of the advanced technology. 
  • Our patient care does not end with diagnosis and treatment alone. We believe in providing every patient with continued holistic treatments to achieve a good quality of life. CBC’s after treatment care program is one of its kind in the country. The support groups give afflicted women an opportunity to share their experiences and equally deal with their problems.
  • It is also an advantage that we are located in a metro close to well-known landmarks and making it easy for patients to travel to the Centre. 


Authored by Dr. Selvi Radhakrishna

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