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Women with breast cancer may need supportive care for physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs. Their cares might need support to fulfill the carer’s role. There is a need for well-communicated and timely information about breast cancer, treatment and care during and after their breast cancer journey.

  • Social support needs such as being put in touch with someone else who has had a similar experience, or dealing with the impact of cancer on personal relationships
  • Psychological needs such as help to cope with worry or fears
  • Spiritual needs, which may be religious, existential or concerning any aspect of a woman or her carer’s spiritual selves
  • Physical needs such as how to cope with side effects of treatment

Timely and appropriate supportive care is an essential requirement for all women receiving breast cancer treatment. There is evidence that good supportive and psychosocial care leads to improved psychological wellbeing and recovery for women with breast cancer

Sharana is the support group that is here for you and your family offering practical, emotional and social support during one of the toughest moments of your life. You can talk to patient volunteers and our breast care nurses for support, help and information.

Pillars of the Support Group

  • Mrs. Padma Prasad
  • Dr. C.V. Geetha
  • Mrs. Sita Viswanathan
  • Mrs. Seetha Ramachandran
  • Mrs. Nandita Muralidhar
  • Mrs. Meera Badri
  • Mrs. Aarti Vijaykumar
  • Mrs. Vidhya Pattabiram
  • Mrs. Nalina Kannan
  • Mrs. Seema Sanghi

The above are the dedicated volunteers who spearhead these support group programmes and initiatives. They share their wisdom and encouragement of these tough moments and challenging paths.

These programmes happen every month on the second Saturday between 2:15pm to 4:15 pm. Various topics on myths, fears, coping mechanisms, lifestyle choices, cautions are dealt. Workshops like Taichi, Yoga are conducted as well. Sometimes personal stories of brave encounters with breast cancer are shared. These are followed by display of talents and playing some variety cooperative games. Usually registration is required for attending these programmes. Please contact us for more details.

Life after cancer-group sessions

These sessions help you manage the physical, emotional and practical issues you may face after your treatment has finished through a series of group sessions each lasting for about 2 hours.

Our group sessions provide an opportunity to interact with others in a similar situation to help decrease the feelings of anxiety, isolation or fear.

Apart from counselling and these monthly programmes we also have a group of volunteers who knit prosthesis for patients who have had their mastectomy

Authored by Dr. Selvi Radhakrishna

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