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‘’All about breast cancer” is a book written by Dr. Selvi Radhakrishna and published by Macmillan. This book covers extensively and authoritatively, all topics related to diagnosis, treatment, as well as a multitude of emotions surrounding the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Keeping in mind the sensitivity of women in the Indian subcontinent, the book addresses the various cultural issues a woman might face when diagnosed with breast cancer. It gives practical hints to cope with different aspects of treatment related issues.


The caselets are presented to inspire women through heartwarming real life scenarios that the author has faced in her practice of breast cancer treatment. Readers will get access to a comprehensive list of NGOs and charitable institutions that Booksprovide financial help for treatment and rehabilitation as well as emotional support.

"A Breast cancer patient would read and reread every word written in this book."

This book has also been translated in Tamil and published by Vanathi Pathipagam."

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Authored by Dr. Selvi Radhakrishna

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