• Dr. Asha Reddy

    Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon

    MBBS.,  MS (General Surgery), HBNI Fellowship in Breast Oncology (Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai), MCH Breast Oncoplastic Surgery (University of East Anglia, UK), 

    Fellow of the European Board of Surgery (Breast Surgery)

Dr. Asha Reddy

​Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon

MBBS., MS (General Surgery), HBNI Fellowship in Breast Oncology (Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai), MCH Breast Oncoplastic Surgery (University of East Anglia, UK), 

Fellow of the European Board of Surgery (Breast Surgery)

Dr Asha Reddy is a young and dynamic Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon with vast experience in treating breast cancer and breast diseases. She finished her MBBS and MS General Surgery training from Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai and has ever since focused her training in Breast cancer management and breast surgery. She has pursued a HBNI Fellowship in Breast Oncology from the eminent Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai and has also received a Mch degree in Breast Onocoplastic surgery from the University of East Anglia , UK. She has scored second place in the examination for the international fellowship of the European Board of Surgery (FEBS) in breast surgery, an extremely prestigious honor. 
She has performed more than 500 surgeries in breast surgery alone and Her expertise includes various techniques in breast oncology such as sentinel lymph node biopsy, breast conservation surgery, modified radical mastectomy, axillary surgery, and oncoplastic breast surgery. 

Her key areas of interest include raising awareness for breast cancer, Triple negative breast cancers, young breast cancers, Genetic counselling, and breast oncoplasty. She is not only a brilliant clinician but is actively involved in research and has many publications and honors to her name.


2013 - MBBS, Sri Ramachandra University 
2017 - MS ( General Surgery ), Sri Ramachandra University 
2020 - Fellowship in Breast Oncology, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
2021 - Mch Breast Oncoplastic Surgery, University of East Anglia, UK
2022 - Fellow of the European Boards of Surgery ( FEBS) in Breast Surgery 


  • Tamil Nadu Medical Council
  • ASI Life member
  • ABSI Life member
  • ESSO membership 
  • ISO membership 


  • Second place in Fellowship in Breast Oncology ( FEBS) in Breast Surgery examination- International examination, 2022
  • Best Poster Award : ‘Can we avoid axillary lymph node dissection in patients with 1-2 positive sentinel lymph nodes in the indian setting?’; CoBRCA - San Fransisco, USA, 2019. 
  • Best Presenter Award :  Case presentation of LICAP; Workshop on breast Oncoplasty- IISER, Pune 2018.
  • Best team presentation for MDT- ‘4 Th Indo-British Advanced Master class in Breast Oncoplastic Surgery and Breast Cancer Symposium’ – Pune, 2019. 
  • ISO Young Scientist Award : Best oral Presentation for Triple Negative Breast Cancer- A single institutional study - ISMPO ISO; Mumbai 2015. 
  • Second Prize ‘Tuberculosis of the breast mimicking breast cancer’ Jipmer Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Conference- Pondicherry 2014.


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