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Breast Cancer Genetics Clinic

About 10 % of all breast cancers occur because of a mutation in the genes that can be inherited from both the father and mother. Understanding the risk significantly helps in reducing the risk of breast cancer in healthy carriers.
Chennai Breast Centre leads the way in South India with an organized breast cancer genetics risk assessment and counselling facility. Consultation, risk assessment, pre-test counselling, testing, post-test counselling risk-reducing surgery, high-risk screening and follow up are all offered.
Cascade testing is also offered. When a woman is identified with a genetic mutation, the center offers counselling, testing and screening for relatives of the mutation carrier. Culturally sensitive counselling and confidentiality encourage many women in the family to undertake risk assessment and screening.

Conferences and meetings

ASICON 2018 meeting was held in Chennai in the last week of December 2018. A talk on hereditary breast cancer and risk-reducing surgery, breast Imaging, when, what and how for surgeons, and a video of breast biopsies were presented by Dr. Selvi Radhakrishna.

The year in review meeting was conducted at Tata memorial hospital. This was a comprehensive meeting discussing all the significant publications and presentations in the major meetings across the world on breast cancer. Apollo Cancer Conclave was conducted in Jan 2019 and Dr. Selvi Radhakrishna gave a talk on challenges in setting up a specialist breast center and outcomes of breast cancer management from an urban specialist center in the meeting.

The pan IITM meeting with personalized cancer treatment as the theme was organized by the Biotechnology Department of the IIT M, in which Dr.Selvi Radhakrishna conducted the panel discussion on personalized cancer care in breast cancer. Several fruitful collaborations were made possible in this meeting with faculty coming from India and abroad.

New Team Member

Dr. Thivya joined us in the clinic and is a happy team member with a special interest in breast cancer genetics. She is also a Bharathanatyam dancer and has several programs to her credit. We had the opportunity to watch the beautiful dance drama of Venkatesa Perumal titled Vekatadhri.

Bidding Goodbye

Dr. Nagamulya has obtained a fellowship in Wolverhampton with Dr. Vidya Raghavan and will be leaving shortly to the UK. We wish her all the best in her pursuit of acquiring new skills.