Breast Ultrasound

Generally, a breast ultrasound also accompanies a diagnostic mammography. Often, there is a confusion between the mammogram and the sono-mammogram. A sonogram is an ultrasound examination of the breast while the mammogram is an x-ray examination. Breast ultrasound is sometimes done alone or as an additional modality along with mammogram to characterize lesions better. It is particularly useful to complement mammograms in women with dense breasts.

In an ultrasound, sound waves are transmitted to reflect a visual image of the interior of the breast. The process is absolutely painless and does not involve any radiation. The fluid-filled cysts are rapidly and accurately distinguished from the solid ones and the size, shape, location and the extent of the abnormality are clearly documented. Ultrasound examination is used to gain valuable details about the nature of the lesion, extent and guide biopsy/ intervention when it becomes necessary.

There is definitely a certain amount of expertise involved in performing and interpreting a mammogram and an ultrasound. You must ensure that you take this in a place where evaluation and interpretation are performed well. Otherwise, it could delay diagnosis and therefore result in poorer outcomes.

Chennai Breast Centre is equipped with a high resolution ultrasound machines with skilled technologists and doctors to diagnose complex breast conditions.



Breast ultrasound and digital mammogram

Authored by Dr. Selvi Radhakrishna

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