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What is a mammogram?

Mammogram -Breast Imaging

A mammogram is an x-ray of the breast. The breast is flattened in different positions between two plates and two views are taken for each breast. For comparison, generally, both the breasts are x-rayed. Mammograms are crucial for the early detection and diagnosis of cancer. Changes in the breast are easily detected, which may be early signs of breast cancer.

Breast compression is slightly uncomfortable. When is done for routine checkup, it is best done after periods as it is less uncomfortable then.

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Digital Mammogram


Full-field Digital mammography is a promising new technology that has emerged in the fight against breast cancers. Specifically designed digital detectors produce images that are displayed on high-resolution computer monitors. The images can be transmitted and stored on a computer just like any other file.

Why should you choose Chennai Breast Centre for a Mammogram?

  • One stop solution for mammogram and breast specialist’s opinion.
  • Tests and reports along with Doctor Consultation immediately.
  • A clear diagnosis with appropriate recommendation
  • Images are archived for comparison at a later date. There is no risk of losing films and reports.
  • Technologists are well trained to do the procedure with skill and sensitivity for optimal diagnosis and better patient experience.




Authored by Dr. Selvi Radhakrishna

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