Lymphoedema management

Prevention of lymphoedema

Patients who undergo axillary lymph node clearance and axillary radiation, are at a high risk of developing arm swelling called lymphoedema. Specific measures to address arm care after surgery reduces the risk of lymphoedema.

Our post surgery physiotherapy sessions will teach you arm care measures and exercises. These sessions are conducted on alternate Saturdays, afternoon at 2.30 pm. For information, please contact our breast care nurse specialist Mrs. Kavitha at Chennai breast centre.

Individualized 5 point protocol that includes exercise, manual lymphatic massage, compression sleeves, night time bandaging techniques and dynamic compression using a 12 chamber device are the protocol based techniques that are followed to manage lymphoedema at Chennai Breast Centre.

compression sleeves -lymphoma management in chennai

Graduated compression sleeves are available in 3 different sizes for patients with lymphoedema. We are also equipped with Lympha Press Plus specifically designed for management of lymphoedema following treatment for breast cancer. Pre-treatment cycle follows the principles of manual lymphatic drainage and helps in draining the proximal lymphatics prior to treatment. Sequential compression allows a pneumatic massage for maximum results and comfort. The peristaltic compression and balancer cycle gives a relaxing massage while stimulating the circulation and lymphatic return.

Lymphedema Management exercises

Post surgery lymphoedema prevention workshop lead by our specialist breast care nurse

Authored by Dr. Selvi Radhakrishna

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