• Research and Training

    Chennai Breast Centre offer one-week training programs to young surgeons and radiologists, giving them the opportunity to gain insight into breast imaging and breast surgery.


Institutional Ethics Committee

The Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) of Chennai Breast Centre constituted in 2018, is recognized as a registered body by the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) under the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization and by the Department of Health Research (DHR) under the National Ethics Committee Registry for Biomedical and Health Research (NECRBHR), Government of India.


The CBC IEC is headed by a Chairperson and supported by 12 other members including the Member Secretary. The composition of the IEC is a mix of members from different disciplines including medical doctors/clinicians, distinguished scientist, microbiologist, social scientist, pharmacologist, legal expert and lay persons.


Guided by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) guidelines, the CBC IEC ensures a competent and objective review of all ethical aspects of the project proposals received by it. It strives to protect and promote the dignity, rights and well-being of potential research participants. It also makes sure that universal ethical values and international scientific standards are adhered to. The committee meets regularly to inform the members on any updates.

Breast Histopathology Laboratory with Tumour banking facility 

A dedicated Breast Cancer Pathology lab and Biobanking facility to store FFPE blocks and fresh frozen tissue in a minus 80 degree freezer and blood components are functional with appropriate permissions and licenses. These facilitate research opportunities which may lead to breakthroughs in breast cancer treatment and prognostication.

Add - Aspirin Trial

A phase III, double-blind, placebo controlled, randomised trial assessing the effects of aspirin on disease recurrence and survival after primary therapy in common non-metastatic solid tumours. In India, the trial has been approved by the Directorate of the National Cancer Grid (NCG), and is part of the NCG trials portfolio. University College London (UCL) and the Tata Memorial Centre (TMC) are co-sponsors of the trial and have delegated responsibility for the overall management of the Add-Aspirin trial to the MRC CTU at UCL and Tata Memorial Centre CTU for India.

Chennai Breast Centre is one of the centres participating in this Add Aspirin trial.


One - Week Training Programs

We offer one-week training programs to young surgeons and radiologists, giving them the opportunity to gain insight into breast imaging and breast surgery at Chennai Breast Centre. The program allows them to assist with surgical procedures including oncoplastic procedures, sentinel lymph node biopsies. They are given the chance to observe the functioning of the one stop diagnostic facility where clinical examination, mammography, breast ultrasound and ultrasound guided interventions are performed. We conduct workshops and seminars in our in-house conference room that is equipped with an interactive screen with facilities for video transmission. This allows for in-person and online meetings to be conducted seamlessly.